My travel bucket list is an extensive multi-tabbed excel spreadsheet.  Planning is fun.  I’ve currently been to 47 countries and am carefully considering the next three. I tend to bring home bottles of alcohol and packages of tea from every country I visit.  I like traveling with my mom.  True.  I take pictures.  I tend to like people, places, and things.  I write about them.  I enjoy museums.

Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars are two of my heroes.  Best shows ever made. I am having a love affair with the city of Chicago. Occasionally I flirt with London.  I like 80s dance parties.  I love apocalypse movies.  I tend to eat a lot of appetizers.  I don’t drink coffee. I think Magic 8 balls are a valid way to make decisions.  And I think the point of being an adult is the right to have ice cream for dinner if that’s what you want.  (But I only do that on occasion.)

I was a closeted romantic for years, but recently came out. I eat sushi several times a week. Thundersnow is my favorite weather phenomenon. I love squishy baby cheeks. I consume a lot of wine and conversation. I travel as much as I can afford. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure – don’t judge. I believe Ninjas and Zombies are equally cool.

I read mysteries. History is fascinating. I keep twinkle lights up year round. I frequently watch horror movies alone – and then regret it. I’ve worked in fifteen different states. I try to capture the world in all its colorful, messy, detailed glory. I like beautiful oddities.

I recently returned to the States after 10 months of traveling the globe (my second long term semi-solo adventure). Seven of those months were spent doing an overland trip from London, England to Sydney, Australia. But you can learn more about that on my blog.




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