London to Sydney Overland

London to Sydney Overland

30 countries in 7 months


Day One –   All Aboard Alice – #AtoZChallenge 

Day Three – Krematorium in Dachau – #AtoZChallenge

Day Four – Mozart in Salzburg – #AtoZChallenge

Day Twenty-Three –  Balloons Over Cappadocia – #AtoZChallenge

Day Thirty-Seven – Hiking in Georgia – #AtoZChallenge

Day Fifty-One and Fifty-Two – Journey Across the Caspian Sea – #AtoZChallenge

Day Fifty-Six – Gas Crater in Turkmenistan – #AtoZChallenge

Day Sixty-Three – Cell Phones in Uzbekistan – #AtoZChallenge

Day Eighty-Four – Dancing Petroglyphs in Kazakhstan – #AtoZChallenge

Day One Hundred Seventeen – Landslides at the Border – #AtoZChallenge

Day One Hundred Thirty-Six – Early Morning in Agra – #AtoZChallenge

Day One Hundred Fifty-Five – Flat Bottomed Boats on Inle Lake – #AtoZChallenge

Day One Hundred Sixty-Seven – Ice Cream in Luang Prabang – #AtoZChallenge